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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136





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Leaders Home Page

Welcome to the home pages for Leaders and helpers. This page acts as a gateway to information, forms and booking functions

  • Scouting leaflets and cards, including "The Yellow Card" (safeguarding) and "The Purple Card" (safety).
  • Information items and forms that you may need to make available to your section parents, (e.g.Gift Aid, Standing Order or Camp Kit Lists).
  • Updates to your Section Pages with news items, pictures, documents and important messages
  • Register events (including online booking, NAN forms, event accounts), and reserve Group resources
  • Record and Submit your section expenditure

The menu options displayed on this page are those most commonly used or requested by our Leadership Team. The contents of this page will be updated as frequency of use changes. Note The items with a red border require you to be logged In.

The full menu options are available on the left, or by selecting "Show Menu" if you are accessing our website from a small screen device.

You need to sign in to use any "Quick Functions" or "My Functions"

GDT Working Groups

Aaron and Jordan have been looking at ways to optimise GDT meetings and following publication of Aarons document and emails, Section Leaders are asked to load this app and follow the instructions. Thank You


New Apps

The following menu items have been added or changed recently. They also appear under the appropriate section below.


Scouting At Home

The "Scout-IN function/App can be used to add activities and or select badges that will be displayed on your section web page under "The Great Indoors".

Not Sure what this means then select What & Why



Manage Active Events

Active Events are those:-

  • which are already visible on our Web Site
  • Which require Booking to participate or help (this could include the tracking of forms, payments etc
  • And/Or which require accounts to be submitted

You can select the event to view or update bookings, forms, payments, accounts and also submit a NAN form if applicable.


Admin Support for Events

The changing rules from Scouting and the Charities Commission along wth changing expectations are all making administration of our events more demanding.

There are some web site functions that will help you with these increasing demands and ensure all administration is maintained in one place with ease of access to all who need it.

Just select your event type for more information


Quick Functions

Quick functions allow you to Add a New Entry for bookings, news, wish list / damage etc. These are a subset of the "My Functions" below.


My Functions

My functions provide the full capability to help you manage resources, events, news items etc.


Common Forms