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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


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14 - 16 95th Birthday Camp - Lyons Copse Scout Centre

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Admin Support for your Sleepover

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You will need to sign in to create and manage the event, so I know who you are

Why Use this Approach

The changing rules from Scouting and the Charities Commission along wth changing expectations are all making administration of our events more demanding. The simple Sleepover is no exception.

Our Sleepover Online Event can help with all of this with:-

  • Automatic reservation of the HQ (for Hayling HQ sleepovers!)
  • Create and email a NAN Form in line with the latest requirements from Scouting.
  • Simple approach to registering income & Expense and tracking of refunded expenses
  • Create your final accounts and send these to the treasurer with a single button
  • Create a web page for your event, visible from your section page
  • And optionally enable online Bookings from attendees, track payments and forms (e.g. Health Form).
What Do I Need

To create your event support all you need to have are:-

  • The times and dates of your sleepover, its location and cost
  • The name of the Nights Away Permit holder (if not you) and the names of the other Adults who will be helping
  • You will also be able to choose to include online booking for your participants
  • A good rule of thumb is to do this 3 months before your sleepover.
Create the Sleepover Event
Create the Event Record
This will create the web page, accounts file and reserve the HQ if your sleepover is in our HQ. If you are planning your sleepover at another location, it is your responsibility to confirm the booking.
Next Steps

You have now created the admin support pages for your sleepover. The event web page is available from your section pages.
The default options created are:-

Booking Download Default Form with Bookings enabled from 3 months before event start or today whichever is the later.
Note: Online Bookings will be enabled if you selected this option during Create.
Health Forms Download Default Form, complete and return.
Note: If you selected "Online Booking" during create, the Online Health Form option will also be enabled
Payment Cash Only by start of event. No deposit required
Activities No activities selected for inclusion.
Web Page Displayed on section pages, 3 months before start of sleepover or today, whichever is the later.

Set New Options You can change these and other options by selecting "Change Event" from this page or with "My Events" from the Leaders Hme Page, and selecting "Change" for this sleepover.

Administration Support
You have now created the Sleeopover event. Support for this event continues in the Event file under "show/hide options". To access this file and view the options, select your sleepover entry from "Mange Active Events" on the Leaders home page.
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