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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


< December
08 - 09 Lions Sleepover - Hayling Scout HQ
14 - 17 Post Sort - Hayling Scout HQ
16 - 17 Xmas Post - Hayling Scout HQ

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Order Badges - Simple Guide

Badge Orders

Use this page as a simple guide to order any badges you require.

You will need to sign in to order badges, so I know who you are

When to Order
Our badge secretary will maintain a stock of the common badges in the boxes in the Leaders Den.
If, however you notice the stock running low or your plans include a large number of any badge (e.g. Whole Section participation), then you can use "QUICK BADGE" to order the required badges
Note: Please do not hold separate stocks because:- Badges cost between 75p and £1 and if each section held a stock of just 10 badges that is a cost of £100 across the group
How It Works
When you select "Create Order" the options available will be based on your Profile Section. (e.g. Beaver, Cub badges etc).
You then select the badges you require by category and your order is built and displayed after each selection. On completion and when you select "Submit Order", your order will be emailed to the badge secretary and copied to you.
Note At this time, you can not save your order for later additions. You will need to know your full order before creating it.