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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


< July
01 Saturn Go Paddling - Go Sport Activity Centre
04 agm - Hayling Scout HQ
18 agm - Hayling Scout HQ
25==> Eagles Camp - France

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Training & Development


Every volunteer role in Scouting is supported by training to help them along their chosen path. This will include

  • Getting Started Training providing the fundamentals in information, safety, safeguarding and data protection.
  • Additional training specific to your chosen role
  • Ongoing mandatory training to ensure you remain current for example with Safety and Safeguarding.
  • Optional training and ongoing learning to help you develop your skills
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Training Information
You can find more about this and a full matrix of the compulsory training and other opportunities available on the Scouting HQ website using this link.
Online Training Modules

A number of the training modules are now available online. In most cases the complete module can be completed this way, although some also require additional learning to complete. (e.g. First Response which also requires a practical session).

The options below cover the various stages of training for which online learning is available.

In most cases successful completion of the module includes will provide a certificate of completion which you need to keep / copy and send to your Training Advisor who will update your training profile.

Please select for more details.

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Getting Started
This is the name given to the mandatory training to help get you up and running in your specific role. 4 of these are common to all roles in the Group with a 5th dependent on your chosen path in Scouting.
Leader Training
You can access online learning for modules applicable to those adults helping with sections who are required to gain their wood badge. Sectional Assistants and general helpers are able to take these modules to help with their understanding of the running of a section.
Mandatory Ongoing
The safety and welfare of those involved with Scouting is our number 1 priority. It is vital that we remain up to date with the Safeguarding and Safety regulations. Therefore we are required to renew these modules every 3 years.
Ongoing Learning
Ongoing learning is about us all increasing our knowledge, understanding and skills throughout our time in Scouting. This could cover a range of things with the only proviso being that the learning we undertake can be usefully employed in our Scouting role.