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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


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14 - 16 95th Birthday Camp - Lyons Copse Scout Centre

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Parent Registration

Why Parent Registration

The welfare and safety of all those involved with Scouting is our number one priority. To help achieve this, all leaders and helpers are required to:-

  • Have a current DBS Certificate issued by the Government Disclosure and Barring Service (previously CRB).
  • Have, in the past 3 years, completed or renewed training in Safeguarding, Safety and First Response

Consistent with our objective, it is also a requirement for all Adults involved in an overnight activity to have a current DBS Certificate.

How does it work

In order for us to raise the DBS request:-

  1. You Provide information about you (Name, address, telephone, email and date of birth)
  2. and the details of 3 Identification Documents
  3. You show the 3 selected Documents to your Leader to confirm your identity
  4. We then raise the request
Process Summary
  1. Provide information about you (Name, address, telephone, email and date of birth)
  2. Select your Documents and show them to your Leader to confirm your identity
  3. We will then:-
    • Register you to the Scout Association Adult database
    • Initiate the DBS Process
    • Destroy all of the information you have provided to us. (Online and Hardcopy)
  4. You will receive an email with a temporary login to the Scout's Atlantic DBS Service
    • You Login
    • Enter additional information as requested, (E.g. Address History, name changes, NI Number)
    • Wait for Confirmation
How do I register

You have 2 ways to provide the information

  1. Online (prefered), by selecting "Register Online"
  2. On a form - either download from below, or request one from your Leader

Note: If you register Online

  • All data will be encrypted except your first name, last name and Post Code (used to search for your record)
  • You can choose to enter the details of your Identification Documents online.
  • We do not require or store any financial information from your ID documents.
  • Once the DBS request has been submitted all of your data will be Destroyed

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