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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


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08 - 09 Lions Sleepover - Hayling Scout HQ
14 - 17 Post Sort - Hayling Scout HQ
16 - 17 Xmas Post - Hayling Scout HQ

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Claim Your Expenses - Simple Guide

Claim your expenses

Use this page as a simple guide to claim your expenses.

You will need to sign in to manage expenses, so I know who you are

What to Claim
It is Very Important that the GDT and especially the Treasurer have a clear view of the cost of running our Scout Group. Therefore we request that you submit an expense claim for all items purchased in your role for the benefit of Scouting on Hayling.
We know that in the past, all of us have bought things and not claimed the momney back from the Group either because we have viewed our role in Scouting as a hobby or because it has been too much bother.
Please see the Donating Your Expenses box below.
Register Your Expense
Registering and claiming an expense is part of the "My Finance" application. In addition to the date, item and amount and category, you will be able to register, load or take a picture of your receipt. You can keep adding new expenses until you are ready to make your claim.
Change Expense
To change any expenses you need to use "My Finance - option Unclaimed Expenses". You can change any part of the expense item including the option to load your receipt. You can also cancel your expense.
Start the Claim
The first step is to choose which expense items you want to claim. To do this you need to use "My Finance - option Unclaimed Expenses".You then "Select For Claim" each required item. You can also remove expense items from the current claim with "Remove from Claim".

Please Note

  • For expenses registered to a cash only section event (e.g. Sleepovers, Activity Days), it is the responsibility of the Event Leader to make or organise your refund. You will not be able to claim these through this option.
  • For other Events, the Event Leader can disable the normal claim option, for example if they intend to pay you from Event cash they hold.
Review & Submit Claim
Having selected which items you are claiming, select the "Claim Expenses" button at the bottom of the unclaimed expenses display.
This will then display the selected items, ask you to select your payment method and the "Submit Claim" button will send the details to the Treasurer by email copied to you.
You will receive further emails when your claim is approved
Donating your Expenses
We are aware that often leaders do not claim back all that they spend. This could be for a number of reasons and whilst we do not want to stop Leaders doing this, we do:-
  • Not expect anyone to make a donation. It is your time we need and not your money!!
  • Need to understand the true cost associated with running our Scout Group.
  • Therefore request that you register all expenditure