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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


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08 - 09 Lions Sleepover - Hayling Scout HQ
14 - 17 Post Sort - Hayling Scout HQ
16 - 17 Xmas Post - Hayling Scout HQ

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Managing Risks - Simple Guide

The Requirement
  • Leaders must carry out risk assessments before and during every activity.
  • All activities must be undertaken in accordance with the Association’s Safety Policy (see Chapter 2) and adhere to the relevant general and specific activity rules set out in Chapter 9 - Activities.
  • Further details are contained in the factsheet FS120000 Activities – Risk Assessment and at
Create the Assessment
Select a Template
You may find that someone has already created an assessment for your activity, in which case, why reinvent the wheel??! If an existing template does not exist, then you can use and adapt the general version located on this site. If you do need to do this, please consider the needs of others and create a template for their use if applicable.
Remember the templates could be loaded on any of the media used by the Group, but there are some standard ones available on this site.
Write your Assessment
Complete your assessment in line with the requirements in Factsheet FS120000 (above). It is usual to go through the read / update loop many times as you think of other things and also to make sure the action can be clearly understood by others.
Save your Assessment
For any section or event assessment it is recommended that they are stored as PDF files to ensure the ease of access from any mdeia device.
If you are also creating a template for others then this should be saved as a word document for others to update.
Store your Assessment
You may store your assessment in a number of places but in making your choice, you should consider:-
  • Who needs to access it, how often and how quickly - and how will they achieve this
  • If you want to share this with others remote to the group, how will you achieve this
  • How do you want to control this and your other assessments for review?
Register your Assessment
You can register your assessment on our website and receive automatic notifications at review time, or if any of the information stored changes.
You also have the option to load your completed assessment on our site, and if you wish make this available to others to access, including your Section Web Page.
Making Changes
You can change the online registration of your assessment or reload another version, by selecting the "Change" option. You can also remove the assessment if it no longer applies.