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The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136



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Leader Friday 19th March 2021
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Wish List or / Damage Reporting

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Report Area
Report Status
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AreaCamping Equipment
ReportNew Lace up bags for the Mess tent Canvas, Poles and pegs. See Jamie/Tom
Comments25/02/20 - Jamie Bray - I can't comment on 2nd wish for this item W78? The bags you made for the Nijers are perfect. The current bags have lasted 7 more years now but being in random bags does make it hard to find the items in the stores hence the phone calls when we've been loading the trailer. Also carrying the items (A reason for maybe splitting the canvas) can be difficult with missing handles.
AreaCamping Equipment
ReportMore awesome grey bags for the Nijers and dinning shelters.
Comments24/11/19 - See also w78 raised by Jamie - Andrew
ReporterEdward HarrisonPriorityLow
ReportScout promise and law on the wall in the form of some sort of plaque, engraved thing.
Comments15/10/19 - Not enough detail - need size - preferred material - where it would go - cheers - Dad.
ReporterTom LincolnPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedAndrew Harrison
ReportLight under porch so you can see the lock when its dark
ReporterEdward HarrisonPriorityLow
StatusAssignedAssignedAndrew Harrison
ReportWinch metal gate posts upright so that gate opens freely again.(side of hut in front of grass)
Comments20/09/19 - Will try a trolley jack
15/10/19 - Trolley jack did not work - enough leverage but I sprung the gate off its hinges!
ReporterJames PerfettPriorityHigh
ReportExplorer notice board in main hall
ReporterJamie BrayPriorityMedium
AreaCamping Equipment
ReportBags for mess tent. Canvas (2 ends + 5ft), 10ft extension Poles, Roof, legs, ground rails @ extension as 1 pole bag. See Jamie for ideas
Comments17/08/18 - Agree present bags are old & need replacing. will contact Jamie for his ideas
ReporterEdward HarrisonPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedTom Lincoln
AreaGeneral Equipment
ReportTablet computer for the hut just to use with OSM.
Comments20/10/19 - Sounds good - presumably doesn't need to be high spec. Second hand? Downsides - risk of damage or theft? OSM is browser based, browsers save passwords so as people use it there is a risk of logins and passwords becoming shared and security becoming compromised - unless a policy is developed that addresses this then this could be a showstopper - Andrew
31/01/20 - Andrew Harrison - Discussed at GDT - Tom Lincoln to look into this
ReporterPeter GoddardPriorityMedium
AreaGeneral Equipment
ReportFollowing a change & update of the Aerial Runway code, natural fibre ropes are now not allowed for the main hawser and synthetic ropes must be used. Consequently we need to purchase a 50m length of 20mm diameter Polyester rope to enable aerial runways still to be made. Cost in the region of £150 with careful buying. The rest of the aerial runway code is still basically the same except that pulleys must have closed eyes (mousing is not allowed). I'll look at the pulleys issue to see if we need any extra.
Comments20/10/19 - Good spot in terms of rules and regulations. We are out of the Aerial Runway season so there is less urgency. At £150 this seems a minor budget item so Pete, if you see an opportunity for careful buying please do so. At the next GDT meeting I will suggest that the wish list gets a formal financial approval process up to a certain annual spend so that Quartermaster and wish list manager can agree on certain items and just get it done - Andrew
ReporterSarah BaileyPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedPeter Goddard
AreaGeneral Equipment
ReportLarge portable speaker for main hall. Can be used for various activities and sleepovers. This can be purchased from Tom Lincoln for around £100
Comments28/11/19 - We have speakers in the main hall and and an amplifier that can sit on the triangular shelf at the front of the hall. It was originally set up for the Quiz night but always intended for general use, we didn't leave it out in the open for fear of damage. It was planned to make a cover so that it could be left set-up and ready for use but the quizzes stopped & no one asked about section use so it never happened. The speakers are still up & we still have the amp, leads & microphones if anyone wants to use it.
ReporterJames PerfettPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedAndrew Harrison
ReportCould we change the excuse of a light out the back by the fire doors for a pair of led flood lights up nice and high aiming down to light up the back yard please
Comments13/12/19 - Point taken about the light but it works fine if the reason for being outside is a Beaver in the dark activity, a spotlight would spoil the excitment. Will see if we can put in spotlights on a separate switch.
16/12/19 - By PG. Agree with Andrew the round fluorescent is only really for safe access around the door. We do have a couple of double LED floodlights on tall tripod stands in the store/container which is what Eagle troop use plugged in through the window at the east end when we're firelighting etc. I have got a spare 50W Led flood and will look at ways of fixing & wiring it.
22/12/19 - Andrew Harrison - OK Pete - I will leave this to you. Can we try and position the light so we don't illuminate the neighbouring garden.
29/01/20 - Peter Goddard - On investigation I think the best course is to replace the existing 2 gang switch with a 3 gang one and the present twin & earth cable up to the round fluorescent fitting outside with a triple & earth cable. then using white plastic conduit continue up to the fascia board and along it to a point above the window where the LED floodlight is to be fitted.
ReporterAndrew HarrisonPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedIan Hawke
AreaGeneral Equipment
ReportIan, two requests for the wish list. Can we have a mechanism for changing the assigned person. I was going to look into floodlights but Pete is planning to do it so it needs reassigning. Each wish list item has a reference "w1", "w2" but this isn't fixed over the life of the wish so when I crossreferenced 2 wishes, next time I looked it wasn't the same number.
ReporterAndrew HarrisonPriorityMedium
StatusAssignedAssignedPeter Goddard
ReportInstall water heater specifically for ladies toilets. The current supply is from the heater in the boys toilets so there is a long delay before hot water comes through (plus waste of the heat of the water left in the pipe).
Comments29/01/20 - Peter Goddard - There is room to add a similar unvented water heater under the left hand sink. Suitable adaptions of the supply pipework can be made to conform with the installation requirements and the old boys shower electricity supply can be diverted to provide a power source. Cost will be £140 for the water heater and about £30 for pipework and electrical fittings. I can do the work and should complete the installation before the Easter break.
ReporterSarah Bailey (Saturn)PriorityMedium
AreaGeneral Equipment
ReportSteam cleaner to clean kitchen and bathroom floors please.
ReporterAndrew HarrisonPriorityMedium
ReportClean and repaint walls of Day room - looking quite shabby in places
ReporterAndrew HarrisonPriorityMedium
ReportThe Day room is too noisy and needs acoustic damping to make it usable for meetings. Requested by James P.
Comments14/02/20 - Peter Goddard - This has been a valid observation by many people ever since the Day Hall was constructed and has been discussed at GDT a number of times without any action being taken. there are solutions check out https://www.customaudiodesigns village-hall-acoustics.htm