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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136



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05 Fireworks Display - Hayling Island

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MY BOOKINGS allows you to manage reservations for Group Resources for section or multi-section activities or for private use. This includes adding, changing and cancelling bookings.

Note If you reserve any resource that requires an adult with the appropriate permit (e.g. Archery, Shooting etc) the confirmation email will also be sent to the activity team.

QUICK EVENTS is a good alternative for sleepovers, camps or day activities with pre defined templates & forms and help with tracking accounts. Select "Why Quick Event" to find out more.

Quick Event provides pre-defined templates that will-

  • Reserve Resources
  • Create a web page for your event visible to all participating sections
  • Create booking / health / day activity / NAN forms as required
  • Enable online Bookings for your event if that helps
  • Help you manage bookings, forms, income, expenses and event accounts

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Bookings for All Resources
Booking DatesResources 
to 15/12/21
Medium Trailer
to 05/12/21
Large Trailer
to 06/12/21
Marquee 1 - 16ft Roof
07/12/21Day Room
to 12/12/21
Main Hall
Day Room
to 19/12/21
Main Hall
Day Room
to 26/06/22
Main Hall
Large Trailer
Medium Trailer
Mess Tent - 14ft Tent
Mess Tent - 10ft Extension
Marquee 1 - 32ft Roof
Marquee 1 - 16ft Roof
Marquee 1 - 14ft Extension
to 28/08/22
Mess Tent - 14ft Tent
Mess Tent - 10ft Extension
Mess Tent - 5ft Extension