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The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136



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Leader Friday 19th March 2021
ZOOM from Home

Run the Xmas Post

Sign In Required

You will need to sign in to create and manage the event and pre-post tasks

Why Use this Approach

The changing rules from Scouting and the Charities Commission along wth changing expectations are all making administration of our events more demanding. Over the years we have also realised just how many tasks are associated with our Xmas Post service.

Our Online Event can help with all of this with:-

  • Automatic reservation of the HQ (for sorting and delivery)
  • Build the web page including the booking process and forms for offers of help.
  • Simple approach to registering income & Expense and tracking of refunded expenses
  • Create your final accounts and send these to the treasurer with a single button
  • A detailed checklist that covers all activities leading up to and including sort and delivery.
Running the Xmas Post Service

This guide covers those tasks up to and including the creating of the Xmas Post Event.

Update Road Groups
Event Create uses the Booking Form Template, created from the Road Groups.
Current Roads
Check that the current road groupings are up to date with new roads / courts. Add as required.
Check Group Sizes
You may want to change some road groupings to balance them better. You can see the group sizes from the last 2 sales (if this was registered). You will need to make a note of any changes for use in the next step.
Unallocate Roads
To change road groups you first need to unallocate the road(s) from their existing group.
Note: You do not need to worry about the Courts, as they will move automatically with their linked road.
Allocate Roads
You now need to allocate the roads to their new Group. Roads released above will now be on the "Unallocated" list.
Booking Form Template
Any changes to the road groups need to be reflected in the booking form template. Select "Manage Template" and then "Update Template"
Update How Xmas Post Works
The PDF version of this document is accessed from the Event web page and sent to all Parents.
Download Word Document
The final version must be a PDF file, but to help with updates you can download the existing word format version.
Reload Documents
Sorry but you are not authorised to use this restricted function
Create Event

This can be done any time after the above are complete but by the middle of September.

This will create the web page, booking forms, accounts file and reserve the HQ for sorting and delivery.  
Next Steps
Xmas Post Checklist
You have now completed the setup tasks and created the Xmas Post event. Support for this event continues with an interactive checklist in the Event file. To access this file and view the checklist, select this Xmas Post entry from "Mange Active Events" on the Leaders / GDT home page.