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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


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08 - 09 Lions Sleepover - Hayling Scout HQ
14 - 17 Post Sort - Hayling Scout HQ
16 - 17 Xmas Post - Hayling Scout HQ

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Request Payment of Invoice - Simple Guide

Claim your expenses

Use this page as a simple guide to request the Treasurer to pay an invoice.

You will need to sign in to register, so I know who you are

When to use this
With more transactions being managed online, it is often easier to request the Treasurer make a payment directly to the provider of a product or service to the Group. This could be for an Event or the Group in general.

Important Note The Treasurer can not make any payment until they have either a digital copy of the Invoice or the original in hardcopy. You are asked to load a photo or scan of the invoice digitally whenever you can.

Register the Invoice
Registering an invoice is part of the "My Finance" application. In addition to the date, item and amount and category, you will be able to register, load or take a picture of the Invoice. Once registered you and the Treasurer will receive an email of the details.

Important Note You can not make any changes to the record once registered, so please check the details are correct before you confirm.

Change Invoice
You can not change the invoice record once registered, but you will be able to cancel the registered record. PLEASE contact the treasurer first
Delay Payment
If this invoice is for an event, the Event Leader can request a delay to the payment if they wish to investigate further. You will be informed of this by email.
Reject Invoice
If this invoice is for an event, but the wrong event has been selected, the Event Leader can reject the Invoice and it will be reclassified as a Group Expense.
If the treasurer has any concerns regarding the Invoice, they will contact you and after discussion may reject the invoice for payment.
Invoice Payment
Once paid, you will receive notification by email.