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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


Leader DBS


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14 - 16 95th Birthday Camp - Lyons Copse Scout Centre

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Section Information - Simple Guide

Section Page Options

Use this page as a simple guide to explain what is meant by Section Information, what you can do with your section pages and how to do it

You will need to sign in to access the controls, so I know who you are

Section Information is any document, image, video or link that you want to create and store that can be:-
  • Added to your section web page for information or communication of important messages
  • Upcoming meetings or events that involve your section
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Tracking key documents such as risk assessments with automatic reminders when their review is due

Whilst many of you are using facebook and OSM, remember that our web site remains used by members of the public and other organisations to find out more about Scouting on Hayling.

All options are shown below, but those available to you are tailored based on your role
Look at a sample section home page, to see what you can do  
Add or change up to 3 section messages to provide urgent or important information on Section Web Page.  
Section Meetings including supporting documents, videos, images or links displayed on Section Web Page  
Add, change or remove information or activity documents that are visible on your Section Web Page.  
Select one or more badges for the section to work on. These are displayed on section pages of our youth sections  
Create a news item to publicise achievements of your section on your section page.  
Load and automatically track your activity and event risk assessments.  
View & Update all your documents, links, images or Videos that are displayed on your section page.