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The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


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14 - 16 95th Birthday Camp - Lyons Copse Scout Centre

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Membership Fee

So now you are invested, you need to contribute to the running costs of Scouting on Hayling.

Lets start with a couple of facts that are sometimes missed or forgotten:

  1. No person involved with the Hayling Scouts gets paid for what they do - we are all volunteers.
  2. We do not receive any financial help from national or local government and all we have and need we have to fund ourselves.

Our annual turnover, excluding Camps is over £25,000 and we cover this cost through a combination of the Membership Fee, fund raising and donations. Our objective is always to keep our Subs as low as possible whilst ensuring that we are able to provide the leaders with the facilities and equipment to offer exciting Scouting.

How Much is the fee?

Our fee is currently £120 per year. See below for payment options. This is effectively just £2.75 per week, a cost which compares very favourably with other activities that young people often get involved with. The level of subs is reviewed each November and any changes are normally implemented in the following April.

The last increase was in September 2020, only the second increase in 8 years

How is the Membership Fee used

There are 5 main components of cost:-

Every 2 years we produce a detailed analysis of how the fee is allocated.

How do I Pay my Fee

Our normal approach is by monthly Standing Order:-

The following information letter and Forms apply.

If you are unable to pay by Standing Order, please contact your leader who will let you know the arrangements for a termly payment of £40, to be paid at the beginning of each term.

Please Do not forget Gift Aid

By signing a Gift Aid declaration we are able to recover the basic rate tax paid from the inland revenue. We do not require any personal or financial information from you nor do you have to take any action, other than to sign the Gift Aid form. The only criteria is that the person paying the fee is a Tax Payer.

Gift Aid represents a significant income for the Group and helps us to keep our fee down to one of the lowest in Hampshire.

For more information and a form:-

REMEMBER - If you do not allow us to claim it, no one else can - so please help us