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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136


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08 - 09 Lions Sleepover - Hayling Scout HQ
14 - 17 Post Sort - Hayling Scout HQ
16 - 17 Xmas Post - Hayling Scout HQ

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Leaving Us

We realise that for a number of reasons we may have to say goodbye at some point.

If you are moving away from Hayling Island. We wish you well for your future wherever that may be and we can also help by providing a contact for Scouting in your new location

However your son or daughter may be leaving because they are:-

As Leaders we are always sad to see anyone leave and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the reasons with you and your child to see if we can identify and resolve the situation or at least understand if there is anything different we should be doing.

All we ask is that you come and talk to us first and not just stop turning up without contact. I believe that our Leaders who in the majority of cases have full time jobs, have their own families and also have other hobbies and commitments, deserve this courtesy.

If this is the end of their time in the Group, then we hope that whatever the reason they will still look back fondly of their time with us and feel that their membership has been worthwhile and remember there is always the opportunity to rejoin at a later date - you will be surprised how often this happens.

Finally, if you pay subs through "standing order" then please don't forget to cancel it.