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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136

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TypePriorityItemStatusLast UpdateAssigned to / CommentsActions
WishMediumNew Lace up bags for the Mess tent Canvas, Poles and pegs. See Jamie/TomAssigned10/04/13Assigned to Peter
WishMediumMore awesome grey bags for the Nijers and dinning shelters.Assigned12/04/13Assigned to Peter
WishMediumTest Wish- Lear Jet pleaseSubmitted11/02/1625/11/15 - Cloud funding?? View
WishMediumConcrete rectangle just the right size for the two bins. Opposite where they are now, behind the wall to the right of the gate (stops them from blocking path).Submitted28/04/16 View
WishMediumBomb proof clock for main hall, secured to the wall with military grade bolts. 200 year nuclear battery.Assigned30/04/17Assigned to Ed Harrison
30/04/17 - Clock installed on robust mountings, complete
WishLowScout promise and law on the wall in the form of some sort of plaque, engraved thing.Submitted03/06/16 View
WishLowbetter solution for connecting several cookers to a single propane gas bottle without the need to use splitters and jubilee clips. Push-fit / screw connections or "adapter" hose with values to isolate any number of appliances?Assigned06/06/16Assigned to Peter
06/06/16 - No Action
06/06/16 - Using Tee pieces to make a system can only be done under the personal responsibility of the leader making such a system and only for the duration of their camp. No ready made solution will be supplied for legal & safety reasons.
WishMediumLight under porch so you can see the lock when its darkSubmitted22/03/17 View
WishHighBetter stoves for scouts, something with a wind breakAssigned21/08/17Assigned to Peter
11/08/17 - Have obtained 2 supercookers for central? use on propane/butane and 3 CampingGaz Vario stoves which are their latest 2burner/grill type with built in wind shields & an easy packaway design. I will sort the old stoves & only retain the best ones.
WishMediumReplace fence panels along the day room side of hut with 1ft of gravel board and 5ft of fence panel. (Concrete posts already in place)Submitted06/08/17 View
WishLowWinch metal gate posts upright so that gate opens freely again.(side of hut in front of grass)Submitted06/08/17 View
WishMediumian playing again wlbAssigned31/08/17Assigned to Ian Hawke
30/08/17 - Test update 40 or $50 or 10%
30/08/17 - Test looks ok
30/08/17 - Just checking this & that
31/08/17 - Next update
WishMediumian testing new php version changeApproved10/09/17Assigned to Ian Hawke
08/09/17 - Assigning and testing.
08/09/17 - approved today.
09/09/17 - still working on it
10/09/17 - Finalising solution
WishMediumanother testAssigned20/10/17Assigned to Ian Hawke
13/09/17 - Info update only
13/09/17 - Just in final test
WishMediumtest by ianApproved12/10/17Assigned to Ian
An update by ian05/10/17 - Now approved
12/10/17 - Still playing
WishMediumJust trying something elseSubmitted20/10/17 View
WishHighExplorer notice board in main hallSubmitted12/02/18 View
WishMediumBags for mess tent. Canvas (2 ends + 5ft), 10ft extension Poles, Roof, legs, ground rails @ extension as 1 pole bag. See Jamie for ideasAssigned17/08/18Assigned to Peter
17/08/18 - Agree present bags are old & need replacing. will contact Jamie for his ideas
WishMediumSmaller 4 man tents. Decent manufacturer - hopefully reducing damages, all one type. Send questionnaire to camping leaders to see what we would like.Approved30/11/18Assigned to Peter
17/08/18 - New tentage is obtained either as replacements or to serve new section or events need. At present we don't need replacements but next year we have the scouts French Camp which could present a new need. Have discussed with Ian and he will make it a discussion item at the next leaders meeting
30/11/18 - Following discussions and probing the market I have brought a batch of 10 Vango Spey 400+ tent as they offered the best value. Now in store
WishMediumTest entry by ian hawke please ignoreSubmitted09/12/18 View