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Scouts At Home - Simple Guide

What is Scouts At Home

During normal times, we have all encouraged our section members to complete requirements for some of our badges away from the HQ.

The idea being that they can complete part or all of a badge either at home, school or as part of another organisation they belong to and:-

  • Find out what is required
  • Complete the requirement
  • Get the necessary confirmation from family, teacher, organisation leader etc
  • Inform the leader

In my experience this was successful sometimes but not often!!

Alas these are not normal times

Pete Goddard has done some great work in identifying some activities along with some badges that encourage the Scouts of Eagle Troop to continue to learn, have fun and get a sense of achievement whilst they are spending their days at home.

In addition, Ed has been running "Virtual Troop Nights" for Eagles, where the Scouts are encouraged to take part in a pre-defined activity at home.

Click Here to see what they has been done

How do I do the same

Use this page as a simple guide to setting up activities or selecting badges for your Scouts At Home.

You will need to sign in to order badges, so I know who you are


  • Every Section Page already has a part called "The Great Indoors" with an explanation of why and what it contains.
  • Every Section Page already has two links set up - both to the Scout HQ website and activities that the HQ team have already identified
  • Every Section Page also has an entry for your section activities, which if empty contains the phrase "Watch This Space"
  • If you create a Virtual Programme Activity, an additional entry will appear
  • When any badges have been selected, there will be an additional entry "Challenge and Activity Badges"
Viewing Activities
Once you have selected the new SCOUT-IN function / APP (see below) if you then select the "Section Activities" or the "Virtual Meetings" button you will see any activities that you have already loaded.
Adding Activities
You can add activities in one of two ways:-
  1. By creating and loading your own PDF type file containing the activity and explanation of what to do
  2. By adding a link to another web page
Having created your document or found the link, select "Add New Activity" and follow instructions. You will be able to select "Virtual Section Programme" or "Section SCOUT-IN activity"
View Selected Badges
Once you have selected the new SCOUT-IN function / APP (see below) if you then select the "Section Badges" button you will see any badges that you have already selected.
Adding Badges
If you select "Manage Badges" you will be presented with a table of all badges applicable to your section. These are alreay sorted by badge type (Challenge Award, Activity Badge etc). Note: Badges that you have already selected will have a blue border.
You can now select (or remove) badges as required by just clicking on them.
Leader Message
You can add a message for advice / guidance or instructions to the applicable section page. To do this select "manage message" from the new SCOUT-IN function / APP (see below).
You can now add, change or remove this message.
This is a new APP / function and can be found under the heading of Scouting At Home on the leaders pages.
This allows you to add activities and / or select badges