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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136



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02 GDT Meeting - Your Own House On Zoom
19 Leader Meeting - Zoom from Home

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Leader Friday 19th March 2021
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Claim Your Expenses - Simple Guide

Claim your expenses

Use this page as a simple guide to claim your expenses.

You will need to sign in to manage expenses, so I know who you are

Register Your Expense
The easiest way to do this is using "Quick Expense". In addition to the date, item and amount and category, you will be able to register, load or take a picture of your receipt. You can keep adding new expenses until you are ready to make your claim.
Change Expense
To change any expenses you need to use "My Expenses - option Unclaimed Expenses". You can change any part of the expense item including the option to load your receipt. You can also cancel your expense.
Start the Claim
The first step is to choose which expense items you want to claim. To do this you need to use "My Expenses - option Unclaimed Expenses".You then "Select For Claim" each required item. You can also remove expense items from the current claim with "Remove from Claim".
Please Note For expenses registered to an event (e.g. Book Sales, Camps etc), it is the responsibility of the Event Leader to make or organise your refund. You will not be able to claim these through this option.
Review & Submit Claim
Having created your claim you can use "My Expenses - option Current Claim" to review, update it or submit it to the Treasurer for processing. The Submit function generates an email that is also sent to you.
You will receive further emails when your claim is approved