The Woggle

The Newsletter of the 3rd Hayling Scout Group
December 2005

GSL's Update

Back in the HQ
The roof has been replaced, on time and at the expected cost. For the past week many of our sections have been meeting back in the HQ, although others had already planned to meet elsewhere or out of doors.

100 Club Draw
Congratulations to Marianne Warner, Steve Whitcombe and Richard Lucas, who each won £25 in our December 100 club draw.

Book Sale raises £730
Another tremendous effort by Mark Standing and his team resulted in over £730 being added to our Roof fund from our latest book sale. This brings the total for the two sales in 2005 to over £1400. Thanks Mark & team.

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Great Camp for Scouts & Explorers
It was certainly the coldest day so far with the temperatures staying at zero throughout the day, but that did not stop the Scouts from Lion troop and the Explorers building shelters from natural materials and spending 3 days in camp. As part of the camp they helped to clear areas of Rhododendrum as part of a service to the camp site Warden. Well Done!!!!

Have a Good Xmas
This is our last "Woggle" of 2005 and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, a brilliant 2006 and thank you all for your support during what has been a major year for us.


The Roof Replacement is Done!!

So, who thought I was mad when in May I stated that we had started our Raise the Roof fund with a target of £35000 and a new roof by the end of the year ? To be honest I was not sure if we would achieve it, but here we are at the beginning of December with a new roof - WOW.

Here is a photo of the roof from the inside, nice clean and bright and a lot warmer with at least 6 inches of insulation compared to none before!

In addition to the roof, we have new guttering, a new light outside, a re-surfaced and re-painted porch and three new trusses inside. Overall we are very grateful to Roofline South Ltd for all they did and to Ivor Copeland our local "small job" friendly plumber and heating engineer for safety checking our gas supply.

Top Award for Aspen Beavers

Seven Beavers from Aspen colony all received their Chief Scouts Award (Bronze), the top award of their section recently. To gain this award, the boys all aged 7 had to complete challenges in Craft, Discovery, Outdoors and also a personal improvement challenge.

The photograph shows the boys with Nigel Vallette the Havant Scout District Commissioner who presented the badges
Back Row - Cameron McCallum, Jamie Gray
Middle Row - Edward Mill, Mathew Wells, Hugh Morgan
Front Row - George Whipp, Nathan Bond


Aspen Beavers Hold Sleepover

Beavers from Aspen colony with the help from leaders and parents have planned an activity day with an overnight sleepover in the HQ

The programme included some seasonal craft but mainly activities that the Beavers would not normally do in their meetings and the help from Scout & Explorer leaders brought a new dimension of fun for all!!

Well done Sylvi


Group Camp 2006

Please note that we have changed the date for our Group Camp 2006 to Friday 23rd June to Sunday 25th June

This event will be held at Lyons Copse, a Hampshire Camp site near Shedfield, with the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers camping the full weekend and the Beavers joining us for the day on Saturday to take part in all of the activities on offer.


Have you Booked your Roads for our Xmas Card Delivery Service Yet ?

In order that we can continue to meet our commitment to delivery every correctly addressed card for Hayling by Xmas Day, we need your help to deliver.

Cards will be available for collection on the mornings of Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th December from 9:00 to 11:30 at the HQ. All we ask is that you arrange collection and then deliver by the following weekend.

You can pre book your cards by

  1. Completing the lists in the reception area of the HQ
  2. Visiting our website on and selecting the Xmas Post logo from the menu
  3. Calling Ian or Mandy

Just a reminder that the profits will go towards subsidising the costs of our Group Camp in 2006.

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