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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136

Helping Scouting on Hayling

Our Service Crew

The Leaders are responsible for the provision of Scouting for the youth membership of the Group. The Service Crew is a large (and growing) team of people who on occassions are willing to give some of their time in support of the Hayling Scout Group.

What is the Job?

Throughout the year there are a number of work items identified for which the Leaders and / or Group Development Team (GDT) would appreciate help. These can range from cutting the grass, clearing gutters, decorating, odd jobs, pitching tents, helping load / unload equipment from camps, providing the cook team or running a base at a camp or activity - in fact the range is endless and driven more by the need of the leaders than anything else.

What is the Commitment?

As much or as little as you are able to give. As a member of the crew you will receive details of every request and all we ask is that you reply to our Crew Manager as to whether you can help (all or part of the time) or whether you are not available. We do not track how often people can help out!. Our objective is to spread the workload and make life easier for everyone involved with the Group.

What Skills / Experience do I need?

No experience necessary. Enthusiasm and an interest in helping our Group thrive and young people achieve are all that is required. We know that you will view some work items as within your ability and perhaps others beyond you - this is why we are looking for an ever growing team.

How do I Join?

It's easy. Just click here and send an email to me and I will ensure that Geoff our Crew Manager adds you to the list.


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